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KASPEV - Klaster socijalnog preduzetništva Vojvodine
CASPEV -The Custer of social entrepreneurship in Vojvodina

Services Translation Center

Within the Translation Center provided translation services from and into sign language natural and legal persons, whose translation team consists of translators and court interpreters for sign language, among which there are native speakers of sign language.

All team members have years of active, in other words, the translation of everyday experience and excellent knowledge of the notion of translation, interpreting the issues and advantages and disadvantages translation profession.

Knowledge translation profession is a key element of our center in choosing our associates court interpreters and translators who are not court interpreters. The choice we associate according to strict criteria of expertise and education, and by the age of translation experience and work organizations and state institutions in which the experience gained.

We are proud to state that all translators and court interpreters from translation team:

  • expert
  • responsible
  • accurate in terms of respect of deadlines
  • careful in finding translation solutions
  • have extensive translation experience and expertise which has been certified by the relevant
  • state institutions, official delegations and large domestic and foreign companies to consult with translators who are professional and experienced in specific areas
  • to work as a TEAM

Because we have everything we need to achieve the objectives:


  • stable and open business policy
  • valuable team of professional, qualified and experienced court interpreters and translators
  • professional attitude towards each client
  • price that fully match the quality of our services and also the market in which we operate.

Each user provide the greatest possible care regardless of the size of the transaction, trying to satisfy his needs, requirements and desires.
We highly value the work of our translators, who have knowledge, skills and teamwork, our translation center led to recognizable names in the translation work and open doors of the business world in which the Translation Centre continues to move upward.

Contact us with confidence and be assured of quality and professionalism of our services!